NARVA unveils new LED accessory

Drivers will be able to take full control of their light bars with a new product from an Australian vehicle lighting manufacturer

Visibility on the road is set to boosted with the release of NARVA’s Ultimate Connect+ Controller, offering a solution to the constantly changing driving conditions of Australian roads.

Owners of the NARVA Ultima LED light bar range will be able to usenew technology to use to take complete control of their light bars.

The controller will allow drivers to adjust the beam shape and intensity of their light bars, allowing them to use the best settings for their environment and driving conditions.

It comes equipped with three pre-set, customisable driving modes, giving drivers plenty of options to find what best works for them on the road.

This includes modes for highway driving, where the beams can be set for maximum distance with less spread to avoid any road sign flare.

Similarly on 4WD tracks, distance can be reduced while maximising spread in front of the vehicle, giving drivers maximum visibility in dark conditions. For open dirt roads, there is also a setting for maximum output.

These modes are all designed to work best for the driver’s surroundings, while still being easily adjustable in any circumstance.

The controller is easily mountable and requires only a single wire installation, making it accessible to use for a wide range of vehicles.

NARVA has been producing lighting products for trucks and other automotive lighting and electrical equipment including the mining, agricultural and marine sectors for nearly 70 years.

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