Narva updates packaging; not globes

The light company assures globes are the same product customers know and love
While the globe packaging has changed and now features stronger Narva branding, the inside are the same Narva globes that purchasers know and trust.

Buyers of Narva single boxed H1, H4 and H7 Halogen headlamp globes will soon notice a new box on the shelves. 

Following a consolidation of packaging across selected globe products, Narva has designed new packaging for its popular products.   

Rest assured, while the boxes may appear a little different, purchasers should know that inside is the same high quality Narva product, with the globes remaining untouched and the same as ever.  

The new packaging remains unmistakably Narva, but now features additional application of its blue corporate colour pallet and stronger branding, letting users identify the brand more easily.  

The packaging also displays the globe type – H1, H4 or H4 – more prominently, allowing efficient selection of the correct variant. 

Other aspects of the packaging including illustration of the globe type; the inclusion of a ‘Guaranteed Quality’ seal and other performance details have remained virtually unchanged. 

There have also been no changes to part numbers, barcodes or pack quantities. 

The change aims to make the buying experience more streamlined and easier for customers when purchasing.   

Narva says, “the inside is the same high quality Narva product that they know and love.” 

The complete range of Narva globes is available from leading automotive, four-wheel drive and commercial vehicle outlets nationwide.   

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