New Caltex loyalty program rewards motorists with $10 off fuel purchase

Caltex Rewards has arrived in Australia, with new members earning 500 points to get $10 off their next fuel purchase
Access Caltex Rewards through the CaltexGO app

Caltex’s new loyalty program has just launched in Australia, with an introductory 500-point bonus offer.

New members can fill up and instantly earn 500 points to get $10 off their next Caltex with Techron fuel purchase.

This introductory launch offer is available through to November 16 2023 with a $25 minimum fuel spend.

According to a survey conducted by Chevron on local petrol loyalty programs, Caltex Rewards customers receive the highest ongoing discount on fuel for each litre of fuel purchased, outside of time-limited offers.

Customers can create an account through the CaltexGO app, with points earned by filling up at any participating Caltex Service Station with up to 120L of fuel.

Members earn two Caltex Rewards points for every litre of Premium Unleaded 98, and one point for every litre of petrol, diesel or other fuels across all petrol fuel grades.

Generous ongoing bonus point incentives are also available, in addition to a 50-point annual birthday bonus.

To register points, members must scan their unique QR code found in the app when they pay, with the accrual of 500 Caltex Reward points paving the way to $10 off fuel purchases.

Shop purchases are not currently eligible to earn points, fuel transactions are limited to four per day, and Rewards points cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount offer.

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