New Hino hybrid electric range set to come to Australia

Hino Australia has released plans to bring its new hybrid electric truck fleet to Australia for local operators this year

Hino Australia has announced it plans to bring its new range of hybrid electric models to Australia later this year.

The brand says its customers now have even more choice with a range of Hybrid Electric Built to Go products available in Hino dealerships from July 2023.
“Rising fuel prices and an increased focus from customers wanting to minimise their environmental impact has seen sales of Australia’s only Hybrid Electric light-duty truck soar,” Hino Australia department manager – product strategy Daniel Petrovski says.
“The introduction of the new Alloy Tray and TradeAce Built to Go models to our Hybrid Electric range offers customers a high quality, cost effective and versatile drive-away solution that can reduce business operating costs from day one.
“Not only do our Hybrid Electric models meet Euro 6 exhaust emissions standards, but recent real-world trials comparing the proven Hino Hybrid Electric truck against a traditional diesel equivalent revealed a 22 per cent reduction in fuel use and CO2 emissions.”
Greater savings are achievable depending on the application of the vehicle and how it is driven.
Hybrid Electric customers also benefit from a reduction in maintenance costs as the electric motor replaces the diesel engine’s starter motor and alternator and the regenerative braking reduces the use of service brakes and increases the life of the brakes, all while charging the Hybrid batteries.

“Hino 300 Series Hybrid customers can reduce yearly maintenance costs by up to 16 per cent,” Petrovski says.
The Hino 300 Series Built to Go Hybrid Electric TradeAce models are fitted with a Hino Genuine aluminium tray, ladder racks and a Hino Genuine premium Bullbar (Wide Cab) or nudge bar (Standard Cab).
The 300 Series Alloy Tray range features the same base aluminium tray body specification as the TradeAce models but without the ladder racks and nudge/bull bar.
The 300 Series Hybrid Electric Built to Go range includes the 616 Standard and Wide Cab 4.5 tonne GVM car-licenced models through to the 716 Wide Cab with a 6.5 tonne GVM.  
The Hybrid system uses a lightweight Power Control Unit (PCU) that encompasses the battery, inverter, Engine Control Unit (ECU) and DC-DC Converter 
The Hino N04C-WR four cylinder common-rail injected turbo-diesel engine produces 150hp (110kW) and 470Nm of torque, which is delivered in combination with the electric motor, with maximum torque available at a very low 1200rpm. 
“The new Hybrid Electric Built to Go models will be of particular appeal to tradespeople and small business operators who are seeking a versatile drive-away solution that can reduce operating costs from day one,” Petrovski says.
Like all Hybrid Electric models, the new Built to Go models will feature Hino SmartSafe, a comprehensive safety package with advanced driver-assist technology that takes an active focus in protecting the lives of all road users.

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