New Iveco vans provide a service lift for Tadano

Lifting equipment specialists Tadano have turned to Iveco vans as they look to expand their aftersales support service

When it comes to importing and distributing high-quality lifting equipment in Australia, Tadano sits easily among the biggest players in its industry.

Not only does Tadano sell equipment for the mining, construction, and civil engineering industries, it also provides aftersales support as an option for clients.

Up until recently the service teams arrived on site in utes loaded with tools, to fix everything from all terrain, rough terrain, aerial work platforms, city, loader, lattice boom crawler, telescopic crawler, and truck cranes.

Now, thanks to a change of direction by management, they have a choice of four Iveco Daily vans capable of more easily carrying the tools they require.

Tadano Oceania project manager – customer service, Michael Kobilke, says the vans broke the mould on the traditional vehicles used by the business.

Michael has worked in the industry for over 35 years both in Australia and abroad; he also has experience as both a crane equipment OEM and as a user of cranes in private companies.

He also had his start in the industry as a field service technician, so has a thorough idea of what works best in terms of support vehicles.

“One of the main reasons we opted for Iveco Daily was for the additional space and carrying capacity the models provided,” Kobilke says.

“The vans are 12m³ in volume and have a lot of room for storage and racking as well as for a work bench – the dimensions of the Daily allow technicians up to about a height of 6ft 2″ (188cm), to stand-up straight in the back to do any work they may need to, and a GVM of 4,495kg in both van and the cab chassis provides significantly more payload than standard utility vehicles.”

“A braked towing capacity of 3,500kg also provides the scope to tow a service trailer containing oils and lubricants, compressors, oil pumps and waste oil tanks – everything we need to conduct a full on-site service,” Michael explains.

Kobilke says the company is transitioning to vans for the added security they provide. Requirements for the Iveco Daily cab chassis where a little bit different though, as this one will exclusively service mining customers in the WA Pilbara and better suits that application.

The new vans are a hit with the service teams

“Van service vehicles are more common in Europe, and we wanted to mirror that here – given the spare parts, specialist tools and consumables we carry, it made more sense to opt for a secure, enclosed environment,” he says.

“The vans are also equipped with inverters which allow technicians to power a range of sensitive equipment including computer systems. Other accessories include extra interior and exterior lighting to make working after dark easier and safer.”

Tadano Cranes’ new Dailys are all equipped with Iveco’s Euro6 180hp / 430Nm engine which is coupled to an 8-speed full automatic.

Kobilke says opting for the full automatic was an easy choice.

“Increasingly a lot of the younger drivers don’t have a manual license or regularly drive traditional manuals, so we wanted to provide them with a comfortable and stress-free driving environment which the auto does,” he says.

“The Iveco Daily has a car-like interior and driving characteristics – you can travel long distances in them and not get tired as you would in a light duty cab-over light truck.

“Safety is a major consideration for us as a company so minimising fatigue while also providing technicians with a full suite of active and passive safety equipment such as four airbags, Advanced Emergency Braking System and ESP9 (Iveco suite of stability technologies) was important.”

The new Dailys are expected to travel up to 45,000 kilometers per year across a range of conditions.

The space allows safe and secure transport for tools

While the cab chassis will be based in the Pilbara, the vans will be located in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland respectively.

“This new vehicle investment is a major pillar to the growth strategies of Tadano Oceania – the importance of being customer focused allows us to target areas where we can make improvements on our customer experience touchpoints along with providing a safe and efficient workspace for our team,” Kobilke says.

The vehicles were purchased from IVECO dealership, Adtrans Truck Centre in Melbourne.       

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