NHVR backs Queensland Road Safety Week

Did you know trucks are able to take up more than one lane when turning and have at least four blind spots where cars can disappear?

Queensland Road Safety Week is an annual awareness campaign focusing on road safety and responsibility. 

This Queensland Road Safety Week, the NHVR is joining the conversation to encourage safe driving, with this year’s theme being ‘Road safety starts with me’.

NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto says the regulator is proud to promote such an important safety message. 

“Our organisation’s purpose is to ensure heavy vehicle safety for the benefit of all road users, and this campaign is a powerful reminder for heavy vehicle drivers to make safe decisions when they are behind the wheel,” Petroccitto says. 

“We know driving a heavy vehicle offers more challenges compared to driving a light vehicle, so it’s imperative truckies are complying with safety requirements, such as fatigue and access management.”

However, Petroccitto says it’s not just heavy vehicle drivers who bear the responsibility of road safety. 

“The key message of this campaign is that everyone has a role in keeping our roads safe. We know around 70 per cent of serious incidents involving both heavy and light vehicles are the fault of the light vehicle driver,” he says.

“This is why the NHVR is delivering important educational campaigns, such as We All Need Space, which provides simple tips for light vehicle drivers about how to drive safely around trucks. This includes maintaining a safe distance around trucks that are unable to brake or swerve as quickly. 

“Trucks also have four blind spots and are legally allowed to take up more than one lane to turn at corners, intersections, and roundabouts. With 26 fatal crashes involving a heavy vehicle up until July this year in Queensland, tragically resulting in 30 deaths, these tips are more important than ever.

“We want all road users to get home safely to their loved ones, and Queensland Road Safety Week is just one of the ways we can spread the message of road safety and reduce our rising road toll.”

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