NRL legend backs NHVR safety cause

We all need space, whether that be on the road, in our day to day lives, or even on the football field

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) and rugby league legend Sam Thaiday are coming together to spread an important message – ‘We All Need Space’.

The NHVR has launched the campaign to encourage road safety for drivers around heavy or oversized vehicles no matter where you’re driving or what conditions you’re under.

The campaign has drawn the voices of comedian Jimmy Rees, Australian country artist James Blundell and now Brisbane Broncos champion Thaiday to speak out on the issue.

“So many of us get behind the wheel of a car every day; to get to work, do school drop offs and for me, back in the day, head to training,” Thaiday says.

“But unfortunately, we often forget to stop and think more deeply about our behaviour behind the wheel.

“In rugby league, especially as a second rower, I always aimed to give my opponents as little space as possible and break down their defence.

“While the opposition may not need space on the field, trucks sure do on our roads!”

 Thaiday is encouraging all road users to practice safe driving

The NHVR is supporting safety campaigns such as this one and Rural Road Safety Month to try and educate road users about how to best approach driving around heavy vehicles.

NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto says that the regulator is fully committed to the cause.

“As the heavy vehicle safety regulator, we work very closely with all truck operators and drivers to ensure their safety right across the heavy vehicle supply chain,” Petroccitto says.

“The launch of our We All Need Space campaign is now about bringing all road users in on the conversation around what they can do to stay safe when out and about on Australian roads.

“Since it began in June, our We All Need Space campaign has already reached over four million people online, bolstered through our partnerships with influential talent across Australia.

“Now, having someone like Sam, who has transitioned from an NRL fan favourite to a wonderful community ambassador, come onboard to help us spread this important safety message is fantastic.

“With more than one million registered heavy vehicles across the country, it’s essential all road users understand how to drive safely around them.”

The NHVR has put out material across its website and social media channels on how to best share the roads with heavy vehicles, and how to overtake trucks safely.

The regulator suggests: 

  • Maintaining a safe following distance

  • Not lingering by the truck

  • Not cutting in front of trucks

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