NSW to investigate pressures faced by truck drivers in formal inquiry

The committee wants drivers to share their thoughts on what factors are causing truck overheight incidents in NSW.

The NSW Parliament has announced that they are looking into the challenges faced by big truck drivers in New South Wales. They want to understand how the pressures they deal with affect their driving and if they follow the rules properly.

Cate Faehrmann, who leads the committee in charge of transportation and the arts, said they will focus on how these pressures contribute to accidents where trucks are too tall and how drivers take breaks to avoid getting too tired.

“The committee is also interested in exploring the impact, effectiveness and enforcement of current mechanisms to address the pressures on heavy vehicle drivers, including training and education requirements, penalties for over height vehicle incidents and the availability, suitability and accessibility of heavy vehicle rest areas in metropolitan Sydney and rural and regional New South Wales,” Faehrmann says.

“In addition, the committee will consider the capability for new and emerging technologies to assist in reducing pressures for heavy vehicle drivers.”

The committee welcomes submissions from heavy vehicle drivers, other interested stakeholders and members of the community.

The closing date for submissions is set at September 18, with committee activity to follow later in the year.

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