‘Old school’ Scania gets driven by the whole family

Mick Courtney is proud of having his wife and two daughters in the transport industry

Mick Courtney and his 1997 Scania 450 are not new to the truck show scene.

The rig was purchased four years ago and has made its fair share of appearances on the circuit.

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To get it show ready, Mick says they were lucky they bought it in “pretty good order”.

“It was just a work horse, so they never washed and shined it up,” he says.

“Since we’ve had it, we’ve changed the guards, put a bull bar on it and put a sports muffler on it because it’s a V8 and it sounds cool.

Mick says his favourite addition was gold anodized pipes in the bull bars, after having to convince his wife Fiona and daughter Molly it was a necessity.

“I got my signwriter to wrap my pipes with gold stickers to give it that old school cool.

“I also got a mate to put four seven-inch driving lights in the middle of the bar, so with the gold pipes, it looks tough I reckon.”

The Scania is currently running a 14L V8 which Mick says was the biggest Scania produced at the time it was released.

“It was a bloody big truck back then.

Working for Mick’s business, Courtney Cartage, the rig spends most of its time delivering domestic water, livestock and hay.

Mick says while the Scania’s great, the thing he is the proudest of is having his wife and two daughters in the transport industry.

“My daughter Molly is only 20 years old but she loves driving trucks. She has her semi-license so she drives the Scania most of the time now.”

“We all love coming to the shows and winning trophies and being part of it all.”


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