Goodyear to test self-inflating tyre technology on trucks

How the AMT tyre inflation technology works How the AMT tyre inflation technology works How the AMT tyre inflation technology works

Goodyear to commence testing of its automatic tyre pressure regulator technology on commercial vehicles

American tyre company Goodyear is set to begin testing of its Air Maintenance Technology (AMT) on trucking fleets in the next few months. The technology is a new type of tyre that can monitor and inflate itself to maintain optimal tyre pressure.

Goodyear says that AMT will aid in fuel savings, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, improving the lifespan of tyres, and removing the need to manually inflate them.

 "The tyres equipped with AMT have performed well in testing, and we are pleased that so many of our fleet customers were eager to collaborate with us in the next phase of testing," Goodyear chief technical officer Joseph Zekoski says.

The technology has been in the development since 2011, and the next phase of testing will be conducted on various American and Canadian fleets over a period of 18 months.

 "This is an important milestone in the development of AMT for the commercial trucking marketplace," Zekoski adds.

The technology works via an internal regulator within the tyre that can sense when the tyre pressure has dropped below a specified threshold. A drop in pressure will trigger an inlet valve to open, which will let outside air into a smaller pumping tube within the tyre. As the tyres roll, the inner tube is squeezed, and air will be pushed into the tyre cavity until optimal pressure is reached.

No solid timeframe has been given as to when these tyres will be available, in Australia or otherwise.

 "This phase of testing will go a long way in helping us determine when we can make this technology available in the commercial tyre marketplace," Zekoski adds. 

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