Top Five Mack Trucks from the Last Decade

We trawled back through the last years and have counted down our five top Mack trucks. Which came in at number one?

Top Five Mack Trucks from the Last Decade
We countdown our five favourite Mack trucks.


Mack’s heritage in this country is the stuff of legend. The ‘bulldog’ brand has been credited with playing a big part in revolutionising outback transport and heavy haulage, with its iconic B, and later, R model prime movers.

With the bulldog logo’s origins stemming from World War I, where British troops observed that the AC Mack had the tenacity of a bulldog, the bonnet emblem that first graced the front of a Mack truck back in 1932 has come to symbolise a part of Australia’s pioneering transport history.

Today the local Mack range is built in Wacol, Queensland, for the haulage and construction industries. Spanning from the Metro-Liner and Granite, all the way up to the road-train-equipped Super-Liner and Titan, Mack has a truck for most occasions.

As we continue to find our top five trucks from the industry’s most iconic brands, we have looked back at the Mack reviews submitted by our experienced team and picked the vehicles that withstand the scrutiny of hindsight and display longevity.

Whether you agree with our verdict or not, choose your favourite in the poll at the bottom for it to go into the running for the Favourite Truck of the Last Decade, as decided by our readers.

PS. Despite its stone-topped kitchen, timber floors, in-built flat screen TVs and game consoles, Mack’s new Super-Liner built for the Sultan of Johor, which smashed the previous $481,000 record for most-expensive truck built by Mack Trucks in Australia, does not feature in this top five.


5. Trident Tipper

Trident -Tipper

Heading all the way back to 2010, Mack released a new breed of Trident for the construction industry.

Though we preferred the smoother ride and ergonomics of European trucks, the 2010 Mack Trident was a pleasant surprise.

It was roomy, quiet, matched the gearing to the torque curve in a way we had not experienced for some time, has absolutely no flat spots, just seamless acceleration, and boasted the ability to pull itself up a hill with minimal gearshifts, all while hauling maximum payload.

Yes, we found a few quibbles, like the forward tilt on the speedo and tacho, and the toggle switches where we would have preferred a column-mounted stalk for ease of use, but overall, we thought if you are a dirt pusher then the Mack Trident should be on your shopping list.

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4. Trident Axle Back

Mack -Trident

While the Trident is not a challenger to the premium European trucks, it was never intended for that role. This Mack is a competent, bonneted alternative for single trailer and B-double operations.

Where, in the past, it was not uncommon for the cab to be drafty and noisy, Mack put in plenty of effort to improve driver comfort, and it was evident from the moment we opened the door.

Despite the best - or worst - the Bruce Highway could conjure up, including ruts, potholes and the odd canyon in the road surface, the Mack Trident was never flustered during our review and rarely unsettled to the point where the bumps made it all the way to the air-suspended cab.

With a 13-litre MP8, the Mack Trident powers into fourth place.


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3. Super-Liner

Super -Liner1

The Mack Super-Liner, with its big 16-litre MP10 engine, is well-known as an outback road train hauler. And, with ample vision and manoeuvrability, it can also handle the tight little roundabouts found in country towns.

Handling rough road sections with ease, we thought the standout feature was the comfort, while also retaining good road feel, thanks in no small part to the relatively long wheelbase, cab air supports and excellent Isri seat.

Out on the freeway, you could be in your lounge chair at home. But if you’re pulled over, don’t expect to stand up in the cab.

During our tests, we found the sync between the engine and the transmission was seamless. Bad gear changes weren’t noticed from the AMT box, and our left arm spent most of the time relaxing on the arm rest. 

Watch our video review here.

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2. Titan

Super -Liner

The pinnacle of Mack’s heavy haulage line-up, the Titan is a demanding piece of kit that drives a little differently.

Without wanting to sound all Zen about it, the Mack Titan had a great sense of ‘feel’ on the road during our review.

We felt isolated enough from engine and road noise to be comfortable, but not so much that we couldn’t feel the road or what the drive train was doing.

With a fuel capacity up to 1,950 litres of diesel and 150 litres of AdBlue, a GCM of 140 tonnes and a big 16.1-litre MP10 engine, the Titan is built for the long haul.

With 685 horses and 2,300 lb-ft of torque on tap and the option of a gold doggie out front, Mack announced a flagship worthy of its old dust-shrouded legend.

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1. Special-Edition Titan

Mack ,-Titan ,-Special -Edition

The Southern Cross Mack Titan is a big truck for a big occasion.

Gold-coloured model number 2011 — better known as ‘Goldie’ — is one of only 30 commemorative Macks built to celebrate the Bulldog’s 50th anniversary of production in Australia.

At 2,300ft-lb (3,118Nm), it has enough torque for four or more trailers. In fact, so much that you can’t buy it with a manual gearbox. Standard issue is the 12-speed mDrive AMT.

This special-edition vehicle is indeed special and a worthy winner. 

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