Scania keeps time

The Swedish truck maker has created a truck-powered clock

Scania keeps time
The clock in action.


Consisting of 14 trucks, 90 drivers and 70,000 square metres of deserted airfield, Scania has created a gigantic clock that ran second-by-second for 24 hours.

The stunt, which aimed to challenge Scania on precision, was completed last week and saw five trucks maintain the second hand, five trucks maintain the minute hand and four trucks maintain the hour hand.

To ensure the seconds were correctly followed, the moving line of trucks held to tailor their speed as they rounded the clock, ranging from 13km/h for the inside truck to 53km/h for the outside vehicle.

The routine for the hour and minute hand trucks consisted of a series of starts and stops.

Monitored by Scania fleet managers in a control tower for fuel and wear and tear issues, the trucks had to precise in order for the task to be completed, Scania head of marketing communications Staffan Arvas says.

"Trucks are huge, powerful machines, but they’re also intricately designed, refined instruments," he says.

"Just like watches. Each truck had to be optimised for its specific task in the clock, and real-time monitoring and analysis through our connected services made the whole operation possible."

Truck driver Elin Engström was part of the experiment, leading the second hand.

Engström says "the most demanding challenge in long haulage is precision and punctuality."

"The clock was the ultimate test of staying in your line, maintaining your speed and keeping track of every second for 24 hours straight.

"All the drivers had to be in perfect sync and precision was the key to achieving this".

Videos of the event can be seen here.


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