Scania next generation S and R drive-by

Video by: Rob McKay

Trade Trucks headed to a Swedish test track to experience the new Scania range first hand. Here's a little taste


The start of Scania’s phased next generation truck rollout events for customers is underway in Sweden, with S and R models the first cabs off the rank.

It follows launches for the world’s trucking press over the past few weeks.

These have involved an official unveiling, static displays and test drives of 16 vehicles pulling a variety of trailers on the company’s Södertälje test track and open road routes near the town.

A drive-by of the vehicles involved preceded the tests.

While some combinations, such as semis and B-doubles, are familiar to Australian eyes, others, such as the curtainside semitrailer with centre axle trailer, may seem a little more exotic.

The basic statistics for the combinations are:

R 410 A4x2NA; general cargo; Total weight: 30 tonne; Length: 16.5m

R 730 B6x2NB; bulk; Total weight: 58 tonne; Length: 24m

S 730 B6x2*4NB; temp control; Total weight: 63 tonne; Length: 24m

R 500 B6x2*4NB; wood chip; Total weight: 60.4 tonne; Length: 24m

S 730 B6x2NB; exchange body; Total weight: 58.5 tonne; Length: 25.25m

S 500 B6x2*4NB; general cargo; Total weight: 58.8 tonne; Length: 24m

R 500 B6x2NB; timber; Total weight: 53.3 tonne; Length: 24m

S 580 A4x2NB; temp control; Total weight: 38.6 tonne; Length: 16.5m

S 500 A6x2/4NA; general cargo; Total weight: 61 tonne; Length: 25.25m

R 450 A4x2LB; car transport; Total weight: 29.5 tonne; Length: 20m

S 580 A6x2NA; grain transport; Total weight: 58.3 tonne; Length: 24m

R 450 A6x2/2NA; container; Total weight: 40 tonne; Length: 16.5m

R 500 A4x2NB; bulk; Total weight: 38.8 tonne; Length: 16.5m

R 450 A4x2NA; general cargo; Total weight: 40 tonne; Length: 16.5m

R 450 A6x2NA; tank (chemical); Total weight: 40 tonne; Length: 16.5m

S 450 A4x2LB; temp control; Total weight: 39.1 tonne; Length: 16.5m

/ Indicates tag axle in front of the first driving rear axle;
* indicates tag axle behind the last driving axle


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