Scania unveils new range of city trucks

Urban vehicles round off ‘new truck generation’ rollout for Swedish firm

Scania unveils new range of city trucks
The last of the new generation have broken cover


Scania has completed its ‘new truck generation’ unveiling with the covers flung from urban and additional low-carbon transport solutions.

"With today’s release, Scania comprehensively sets the stage for the necessary shift towards sustainable transport, offering tailored low-carbon trucks for all transport applications," Christian Levin, executive vice president of sales and marketing, says.

Scania claims fuel savings of up to 10 per cent as the lighter trucks are powered by the new 7-litre engine.

The Scania DC07, developed with Cummins, comes in three power levels – 220, 250 and 280hp (164, 186 and 208kw) – from inline sixes.

"Characteristics such as a 360-kilogram reduction in weight and a significant reduction in fuel consumption meet the needs for sustainable transport solutions typical of growing cities," product director, urban Henrik Eng says.

New cabs are a feature of the final unveiling.

The L-series is Scania’s newly developed cab range for urban transport, such as distribution, refuse collection and maintenance, with the focus on improved direct vision of the surroundings.

"Drivers will also be at the same height as other road users, with the added advantage of improved working conditions when repeatedly entering and exiting the cab," the firm says.

"The Scania L-series features a kneeling mode and lower boarding steps on both sides of the cab. Drivers can also take advantage of the space in front of the engine tunnel to exit on the passenger side, thereby avoiding oncoming traffic."

With its more compact dimensions, the new P-series cab can feature a lower engine tunnel, which opens up interior.

And the new P-based ‘CrewCab’ comes in two sizes

There is also the City Safe Window design to help keep pedestrians and cyclists in sight.

The window on the passenger side door is available for all P- and L-series cabs, those most common in urban transport, as well as for the CrewCab.

"Since Scania’s new CrewCab will mainly be used by firefighters, it has been specifically tailored for emergency assignments, keeping both ergonomics and safety in mind. For extra safety, there is an option for up to four roll over side-curtain airbags," the truckmaker says.

"The CrewCab accommodates up to eight passengers with a high level of safety and comfort, which includes a separate climate system with its own heating for the crew area."

Adding to its renewable fuels and hybrid offerings, Scania’s has introduced a six-cylinder 13-litre gas engine specifically designed for regional and long-haulage operations.

For a 40-tonne truck-and-trailer combination with tanks for liquefied gas, it says the range has been extended to 1,100km. In parallel, Scania also releases a 9-litre gas engine for the new truck generation.

"Throughout development, our aim has been to ensure the best possible driveability," explains Folke Fritzson, senior engineer at Scania R&D and part of the team developing Scania’s gas engines.

"The performance and characteristics should correspond to that of a modern diesel engine."

Scania’s gas engines are based on stoichiometric combustion – complete combustion of both fuel and oxygen. Similar to a petrol engine, the combustion is initiated by spark plugs. The pre-mixing of the fuel takes place upon entry into the cylinders.

This all marks the end of a long unveiling operation

"Replacing and upgrading Scania’s entire global offering has been a fantastic experience," Scania Trucks Senior Vice President Alexander Vlaskamp, says.

"It’s a real pleasure to be able to introduce the world’s most modern and sustainable transport solutions, and there is an incredible amount of work behind it all to ensure that everything is in place and on time."


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