Irizar confirms electric prime mover dimension

Spanish firm uses electromobility centre opening to detail 6x2 ieTruck offering

Irizar confirms electric prime mover dimension
Irizar’s ieTruck


Irizar, the Spanish bus manufacturer, has used the opening of its ‘electromobility plant’ to focus attention on its electric truck ambitions.

The 6x4 Irizar ieTruck prime mover joins the company’s other electrically propelled platforms for trams and busses.

The move comes amid accelerating developments in electric trucks from established truckmakers, such as IsuzuMercedes-Benz, VolvoFuso and Scania, amongst others, along with a plethora of new entrants.

Initially Irizar’s ieTruck was designed for waste collection, with increasingly stringent city truck rules in mind.

Now it has unveiled the 6x2 powered by a 230kW electric motor with 75kWh lithium ion batteries and a CNG range extender, reportedly for a Cursor 8 engine, for "more exhaustive applications", such as "interurban uses".

For the moment, the 26 tonne vehicle is to be 8 metres long and have payload of 18 tonnes.

It is fitted with stability control, adaptive suspension levelling, lane-change warning and emergency brake assist.

True to its waste collection roots, it will have a low entry level using just one step and claimed to be the lowest on the market.

For drivers, the company spruiks the vehicle’s seating and dashboard ergonomics and wide field of vision.

And for city governments, it emphasises the zero emissions and low noise threshold.

Helping Irizar’s construction cause is common componentry with passenger vehicles.

"It incorporates group technologies already used in out electric uses and the aspects of electric traction, energy storage and operating electronics as well as the other systems supplied," it says.

But it’s not all the same.

"Thanks to its chassis design, all types of bodywork currently available can be installed with hardly any adaptaton," the firm says.

"The axles and steering, specifically developed for the application, provide the vehicle with certain major facilities with regard to load capabilities and manoeuvrability."

The electric motors are built by Alconza and Jema, the climate control by Hispacold, doors by Masats and driver assistance system Datik.

All are Irizar Group firms.


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