‘Clean’ V8’s the go for Express Group

Express Group WA swears by Euro 6 gear and has expanded their efficient fleet without going down the popular inline-six option.

‘Clean’ V8’s the go for Express Group
Euro 6 V8 Scania R 580 fleet standing strong


The progressive WA-based line-haul group, encompassing South West Express and Great Southern Express, recently took delivery of eight new R 580 V8 Euro 6 Scania trucks, as part of their push for safety and sustainability.

"As part of our commitment to safety, the environment and our customers’ expectations, we took the opportunity to embrace the new technologies on offer with the Scania Euro 6 vehicles, unlike most operators, who take a wait-and-see approach to innovation," Express Group WA chief executive Mark Mazza said.

Mark and Andrea Mazza’s Express Group WA, based in Bunbury south of Perth, and now with a new depot in Albany, is known for its fuel-efficiency focus, and the recent sustainability push further bolsters the Group's reputation.

The Group’s fleet of 20 trucks is comprised of 19 Scanias, 13 of which are the Euro 6 models, making it one of the cleanest Scania stables around.

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"The 13 Euro 6 Scanias in the Express Group WA’s fleet is easily our biggest Euro 6 fleet in Western Australia, and across the country for retail customers," Scania WA regional executive manager Michael Berti confirmed.

"The biggest fleet of Scania Euro 6 trucks is operated by the Metropolitan Fire Brigade in Melbourne.

"Since the first G 490 and R 580 trucks were introduced to the Express Group WA fleet in 2017 we have seen a rise in interest in Euro 6 from other transport operators.

"This underscores the increasing awareness of the importance of reducing harmful emissions by the transport industry, and it is also good to see that the Scania message of driving towards a sustainable road transport sector is being received and appreciated." 

The company has already claimed fuel savings of between 0/2 to 0.3 km/litre when comparing the Euro 6 trucks to the older Euro 5 gear.

It’s not just fuel efficiency and sustainability that has driven Mark’s decision to move forward with the Scania expansion, he says a major factor was the safety systems offered.

"Safety is a main focus. In addition to the Scania safety systems, we include ‘seeing eye’ fatigue and four-way camera systems, which have already proven invaluable tools for managing safety in our work place," Mazza said.

"Ultimately, we share the roads with the general public, and we as an industry need to consider this at all times."

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