Farrell and Freightliner help Aussie battlers

You’ll find Burrumbuttock Hay Runners organiser Brendan Farrell behind the wheel of a Freightliner Coronado ahead of his next hay run to rural Queensland

Farrell and Freightliner help Aussie battlers
Hay run hero, Brendan Farrell


Freightliner lent Brendan the Coronado 122 for the summer period to help his tireless relief work for Aussie farmers doing it tough.

The humble hay runner has already been putting the Coronado to work as an owner-driver and it’s set to be used for the 15th Burrumbuttock Hay run on January 26, delivering much-needed hay to farmers in Quilpie and surrounds.

Brendan expects a whopping fleet of 300 volunteer trucks, delivering more than 10,000 large hay bales to South-West Queensland.

The team at Freightliner offered Farrell the Coronado after hearing that his two working trucks were off the road.

"Brendan has been helping Aussie farmers for years in a truly selfless manner," says Freightliner Australia Director Steve Downes.

"When we heard he was having truck trouble, it was a no-brainer to help him out with a Freightliner for a few months.

"We know the Coronado is tough enough to do this important work and we know Brendan will love driving it."

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After putting the Coronado to work on the roads in roadtrain configuration, Brendan says he’s impressed.

"This is Mickey Mouse compared to my old trucks," he says.

"It is so comfortable to drive, and to sleep in. I’m doing a lot of kilometres, so it’s important to be able to get a good rest when I pull up."

Brendan reckons the 15-litre Detroit up front has plenty of go, but he’s also glad the truck has an 18-speed Roadranger to keep him busy shifting cogs.

The bold styling of the American Coronado, the big bullbar and some tasteful chrome work is not lost on Brendan either.

"It’s bloody beautiful – a real nice looking truck," he says.

For information on helping out with the Australia Day hay run or donating to the cause, head to the Burrumbuttock Hay Runners’ Facebook page here.

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