Scania used trucks gain tick of approval

Approved Used Truck program goes ahead locally

Scania used trucks gain tick of approval
A line-up of used Scania trucks


Scania Australia is launching an Approved Used Truck program across its nationwide network of branches, with a view to taking the risk out of the purchase of a pre-owned truck.

In order to qualify for ‘Scania Approved’ status, the pre-owned Scania vehicles must be less than five years old and have covered less than 800,000km.

The make insists company-trained technicians will undertake a "stringent and probing" 108-point check at a Scania workshop, which concludes with a thorough test drive.

Those passing the inspection will be sold with a three-month Scania Driveline Protection Warranty as well as any of the remaining original factory warranty, where applicable.

For an additional modest fee, the Scania Driveline Protection Warranty may be extended to 12 months from the date of purchase, so long as maintenance is undertaken in line with Scania recommendations.

Approved trucks fitted with the Scania C300 Communicator also gain 10 years of Scania vehicle and driver monitoring and reporting.

Scania is also making available a choice of maintenance, or repair and maintenance programs, tailored to the customer’s needs and the Approved vehicle’s condition.

"These programs ensure the approved trucks are looked after in the best possible way, using only factory-trained technicians equipped with the correct tools and diagnostic equipment, as well as fitting only genuine Scania parts and lubricants as specified for each individual vehicle," Scania says.

"The maintenance program keeps track of software updates for each vehicle and has a pro-active service scheduling feature to ensure no maintenance is overlooked."

Scania Fleet Management collects and delivers information regarding the performance of the vehicle, presented in weekly email summaries, covering fuel consumption, mileage, driver performance and more. All information is secured under the strictest privacy regulations.

"The launch of the Scania Approved Used Truck Program in Australia delivers our customers an increased level of confidence in their purchase and greater faith and peace-of-mind in the vehicle," Scania Australia national manager used truck sales Anna Marie Taylor says.

"We believe the Scania Approved Used Truck program will increase our sales of used vehicles through our network."

Read about Scania’s maintenance support initiative, here

The company asserts that, as a result of its growing market share in Australia, and the increasing uptake of Scania repair and maintenance contracts, it has seen a larger number of good condition pre-owned Scania trucks returned to it when customers repurchase.

"We know these trucks’ histories through their digital tyre-print, which gives customer’s far more insight into what they are buying," Taylor says.

"So, unlike in typical used truck buying situations, when purchasing a Scania Approved vehicle, customers are not buying blind or taking a risk.

"We’re also funnelling low-mileage, excellent condition trucks from our rental fleet, that have been serviced by Scania, into our Used Truck business, and these will qualify for the approved program as well."

Scania notes that it has access to a huge amount of data generated by its trucks across Australia and across the world, giving it an understanding of how much working life is left in individual vehicles.

This is not necessarily only dictated by kilometres travelled or age, but is influenced by driver performance, payload and the type of topography the truck has traversed over its working life, it argues.

The Scania Approved Used Trucks concept comes to Australia having been reality in United Kingdom and throughout Europe.

Linked to the initiative is collaboration with Scania’s aftersales division, when it is listed on the website.

"We are dedicated to ensuring our used truck customers enjoy a uniform level of service and support throughout their Scania ownership experience," national service portfolio manager Richard Bain says.

"This is the same level of service we provide to our new truck customers.

"We strongly believe that our used truck customers will enjoy greater uptime and efficiency from their vehicles if they continue to use the Scania network for service and repairs.

"This is why we have tailored a range of maintenance or repair and maintenance programs for the approved used truck program."

When approved trucks reach five years of age, Scania offers its ‘Prime Maintenance Agreement’.

This includes a 20 per cent discount on servicing and replacement parts and labour undertaken in our Scania-owned branches.

"Customers coming to Scania for a used truck want to get the best possible life out of the truck and we can devise a vehicle care plan to suit each individual situation," Bain says.

"It’s an additional benefit for customers that they couldn’t get if purchasing outside of the Scania network."


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