Remodelled heavy-duty Super Great Fuso’s star of the show

The redesign is the first for the Super Great model for six years, and is set to be introduced in the coming weeks.

Global vehicle manufacturer Fuso has unveiled a brand new remodel of its Super Great model trucks, set to be showcased at the upcoming Japan Mobility Show in Tokyo.

With the last major redesign coming in 2017, the new model comes with a greater focus on delivering improved economy, safety, and comfort, the company says.

The latest model is equipped with the 6R30 high-performance 12.8L engine and comes with a new and redesigned cab.

Some of the new features in the remodelled Super Great include:

6R30 12.8L engine

The new engine inside the redesigned Super Great models aims to improve thermal efficiency by increasing combustion pressure in its two turbochargers.

Some of the new optimisations will help to accomodate earlier shifting at lower speeds, Fuso says.

The company says that the new engine design will provide greater fuel efficiency, as well as great traction on long hills and high acceleration response.

The new ‘Black Belt’ design

Consistent across all of its new truck models, the redesigned Super Great features what Fuso describes as its ‘Black Belt’ motif.

The company says the design on the front of the trucks provides greater aerodynamics and reduced use of resin parts and more environmentally friendly surface treatments.

This is line with Fuso and Mitsubishi’s sustainability goals.

Redesigned LED headlights and rear lamps

Fuso is featuring a newly resdesigned LED headlight configuration, featuring fog lamps and turn lamps in the design.

This is in addition to the new rear lamps, which light up in a sequential lighting pattern in the direction of turns.

The company says it hopes this additions will make for improved safety on the road for Super Great drivers and those driving around them.

Some of the other key features include:

  • New ‘Super High’ roof
  • Active Brake Assist 6
  • Active Side Guard Assist 2.0
  • Front Blind Spot Information System
  • Rear-View Camera System
  • FUSO Easy Access Key
  • Electric parking brake

Fuso is set to start the distribution of the new Super Great model in Japanese markets across the end of 2023.

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