RMS leans on engine manufacturers

The Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) is leaning on companies manufacturing and servicing truck engines to help it enforce compliance with speed limiters.

The New South Wales road authority has waged a series of
publicised campaigns against the trucking industry this year
targeting speeding, and Director Peter Wells says authorities are
still detecting evidence of tampering with speed limiters.

“RMS and the NSW Police Force will continue to work together to
stamp out this dangerous and potentially life threatening
practice,” he says.

“We have asked truck engine manufacturers and companies which
service and supply the engines to step up and help manage this

“Heavy vehicles detected with a speed limiter which has been
tampered with will be grounded and RMS will examine the evidence
for a chain of responsibility investigation.”

Wells criticised the actions of truck drivers recently caught
breaking traffic laws, including one driver who was detected
speeding through a school zone while talking on a mobile

He says recent operations in Grafton, Dubbo and Yass detected 18
heavy vehicles which were not speed limiter compliant.

“Tampering with a heavy vehicle speed limiter is a serious offence
which attracts penalties in excess of $2000. This behavior is
unacceptable and puts other road users in grave danger,” Wells

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