Seeing Machines announces new AI driver monitoring technology

The technology company's mission is to achieve zero transport fatalities and ensure everyone gets home safe

Canberra-based technology company Seeing Machines has made its mark at the renowned Consumer Electronics Show 2024, unveiling an upgraded version of its aftermarket driver monitoring system.

A driver monitoring system, also known as driver attention monitor, is a vehicle safety system that assesses the driver’s alertness and warns the driver if needed. Many also have the capabilities to apply the brakes if necessary.

Seeing Machines’ latest release boasts enhanced microsleep detection and eye-gaze tracking capabilities, all packaged in a more compact device that simplifies the installation process.

Its current Guardian solution technology has been implemented for almost 15 billion kilometres travelled, and has been adopted by transport and logistics companies worldwide.

To date, over 17.5 million distraction events were detected, with 388,255 fatigue interventions over the past 12 months.

In addition to operators utilising the technology for their fleets, the company has started targeting commercial vehicle manufacturers via factory-fit or ‘after manufacturing’ options.

With the mission to reach zero transport fatalities, Seeing Machines CEO Paul McGlone says their purpose with this new release is to get people home safely.

“Regulation continues to drive demand for all of our DMS technology and I am very pleased to see that we have successfully launched the next generation of our Guardian solution for commercial transport and logistics companies as well as commercial vehicle manufacturers,” he says.

“A reliable solution that only activates when required is so important for driver adoption and continued road safety. Additionally, supporting commercial vehicle OEMs with an aftermarket (or factory fit) solution is critical to their ability to sell compliant vehicles.

“And, given the lower annual volume of production of these vehicles versus cars, I am delighted that Seeing Machines is able to service this new market segment profitably and continue to drive our purpose of getting people home safely.”

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