Specialisation pays off for Holmwood Highgate

A focus on road tankers has paid off for the Loganholme-based tanker manufacturer


From humble beginnings, Holmwood Highgate now lays claims to the title of Australia’s No. 1 road tanker manufacturer.

Founded by the current owner’s father in the 1950’s, the company initially focused on repairing US aluminium fuel tankers used in the Korean War before being sold off for use in Australia.

Today, Holmwood Highgate specialise in the manufacture of aluminium petroleum and chemical tankers; mild steel bitumen tankers; stainless steel chemical and food-grade tankers; and aviation refuellers and hydrant carts.

The company will display its tankers at the next month’s Brisbane Truck Show.


Tankers are built to a client’s requirements, ranging from on-site refuellers to latest PBS-approved multi-combinations.

Its production and workshop facilities at Loganholme, south of Brisbane, are now manned by qualified aluminium welders, boiler makers, fitter welders, spray painters mechanics and auto electricians.

Holmwood Highgate also has a separate facility in Derrimut, Melbourne, enabling it to service Australia and the Pacific.

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