MaxiPARTS and Castrol in cost-saving collaboration

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MaxiPARTS and Castrol in cost-saving collaboration
Castrol is in collaboration with MaxiPARTS


Castrol has collaborated with MaxiParts to offer additional discounts for buying Castrol in October.

Castrol has recently updated its RX Super and Vecton heavy duty diesel engine oil products with new formulas and is offering discounts when customers buy those products in bulk.

The new formulas help both products decrease the amount of oxidation and deposits during use in heavy duty diesel engines.

Innovation isn’t new to Castrol. The company has been around since Sir Charles Wakefield started it in 1889 with the Castrol brand registered in 1909. It has even created specialised lubricants and grease for the NASA Curiosity mission to Mars in 2012 so as to withstand the extreme range of temperatures and pressures in outer space. It’s one of only a few companies to have its products used on two planets!

With seven research and design labs across the world, the company tests and develops hundreds of products a year, including RX Super and Vecton. The company also regularly works with original equipment manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Ford, MAN, Honda, JLR, Volvo, Seat, Skoda, Tata and Volkswagen to develop new products.

The commitment to innovation and improvement is why Castrol has been a Premium Supply partner of choice for lubricants to MaxiPARTS for over 10 years.

The new product formulations are to ensure Castrol’s premium diesel engine oils meet and exceed the latest requirements of the engine manufacturers and industry regulations.

The Castrol RX Super 15W-40 was upgraded from an API CI-4 Plus to an API CJ-4 and will also contain DuraShield Boosters to better protect against wear. It differs from Vecton by one specification as Vecton in now an API CK-4 product. Customers have been able to buy the heavy duty diesel engine oils since April this year for Vecton and July this year for RX Super.

Castrol customers have been using the previous formulations of Vecton and RX Super with great success for many years so embracing the upgraded and reimaged formulations has been a successful transition.

Vecton is recommended for most highly loaded, heavy duty four stroke diesel engines from US, European and Japanese manufacturers that fit ADR 80/03 and other specifications as is RX Super. RX Super is compatible with diesel engines fitted with EGR and with the latest after exhaust systems such as DPF, DOC or SCR.

System Pro Technology has been added to Vecton to fight oil breakdown by preventing oxidation and deposits, neutralising harmful acids, controlling oil aeration and adapting to increasing temperatures without losing viscosity rapidly through shear.

Using the incorrect or an inferior lubricant can damage an engine, which can be costly to the customer. Oxidation occurs when the oil is affected by oxygen and can become more so as the temperature rises in a heavy duty diesel engine. It can change its form and become more solid as it oxidises, often becoming sticky and clogging up parts of the engine.

Oil breakdown due to high heat in parts of the engine that is not exposed to oxygen can lead to deposits left on the surface of the metal that can prevent the engine from functioning properly.

Both these lead to a shorter engine life and physical damage to the engine and this is why both the new formulations for Vecton and RX Super are focused on lessening oil breakdown and oxidation as well as acid neutralisation and better control over oil aeration.

This is why customers are in luck. MaxiPARTS has national coverage of the market and leads it in reselling premium heavy-duty truck and trailer parts as well as associated products. Having Castrol as its premium lubricant supplier of choice means that customers from a wide range of industry backgrounds and company sizes can access premium products and take advantage of the discounted offers it can make available.

It means that as Castrol continues to upgrade and improve its products, customers will continue to benefit. And Vecton and RX Super will still be available.

In October, thanks to the MaxiPARTS and Castrol collaboration, customers will be able to buy two 205 litre barrels of Vecton or RX Super and save $100 or four 20 litre containers and save $20.

For customers, it’s a cost effective, easy way to gain a bit of history, innovation and better protection and efficiency for the heavy duty diesel engines that they own as well as some peace of mind that they have the best, most effective lubricants possible for their vehicles.


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