SPONSORED CONTENT: By some estimates, the delivery of goods over the last 100 yards is the most expensive and riskiest part of the supply chain



Dense urban environments are among the most challenging with congestion, and lack of parking can make things unpredictable and demanding.

Time pressure often leads to overloading of hand trucks and convertibles beyond what is ergonomically safe and productive.

A single physical injury not only sets back the driver, often for weeks, but it cuts into productivity drastically as fill-ins are rarely familiar with the route or the different procedures at each stop.

There is a solution that improves safety AND productivity; the innovative and award-winning

Its self-supporting and load-balancing design handles the hard work, making deliveries easier, quicker and safer.

The Rotatruck carries the weight thanks to its innovative 4-wheel wheelbase.

The Rotatruck is ideally suited for the last leg of the delivery of goods in dense urban environments, especially across distance and for heavy, large or high volume loads.

To learn more, go to or call Kathy on 1300 768 222 to discuss how the Rotatruck can improve your workplace safety, productivity or even be specially adapted to fit your exact needs.

And don’t forget to ask about the 2x2 challenge, the 2-month money back guarantee provides a risk-free way for you to trial the truck.

If you are a NSW small business, also ask about the rebate offered by NSW Work cover.

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