Take charge of fuel expenses in 2023

Bring your fuel expenses into line in 2023 with the help of Shell Card

New Year’s resolutions. They are a tradition that can be traced back more than 4000 years to the ancient Babylonians.

In essence, they are  a promise to ourselves that “this year” we’re going to do something different to make our lives better, easier, healthier and more meaningful.

For those in the transport industry a simple resolution could be to get your fuel expenses sorted by signing up for a Shell Card.

Shell Card along with the Shell Card Go App have been designed to make life easier for drivers and bookkeepers when it comes to managing fuel expenses.

With the option of multiple cards, with vehicle or drivers’ names embossed, and the ability to pay at the pump from the App, Shell Card will save businesses time and administration costs.

With flexible payment terms and the added bonus of earning Flybuy points at any Coles Express sites, the card is able to be used at more than 1300 service stations across Australia.

The Shell Card Go App also works as a handy map, letting drivers know where their nearest Shell Card accepting service station is.

Getting started is as simple as going to shell.com.au/shellcard 

Alternatively, call 13 16 18 and the friendly staff will help you out. 

Use the code SAVING6C to get some extra savings.

As another bonus, with the fuel expenses sorted, business operators will have more time up their sleeve to sort out the rest of that inevitable New Year’s resolution list. 

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