Teletrac Navman seeks feedback with global fleet survey

The company is taking a global approach to feedback for fleet managers.

Teletrac Navman has launched the TS24: The Telematics Survey 2024. The survey is open to industry decision makers in Australia as well as the United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand, and Mexico.

The online questionnaire aims to highlight the prevailing trends that are impacting fleet operations and how they are planning to tackle them in 2024.

As well as operational challenges, the survey explores the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) into everyday life along with decision makers feelings about widespread issues like the ongoing driver shortage and recent changes around the government ban of petrol and diesel cars.

“We are proud to be able to carry out research of this size as it is our mission to make fleet professionals lives’ easier – whether they’re struggling most with safety, sustainability or streamlining, their opinions and feelings are of utmost importance for us to be able to do what we do best and offer the right solutions to the market,” Teletrac Navman chief marketing officer Carlos Caponera says.

“We encourage everyone to fill in our TS24 survey, from fleets with a small number of assets like vans to large-scale enterprise operations. This is an important opportunity for businesses to be heard – so that both solution providers like us and the government can take their views into consideration when planning ahead.”

Last year’s results were based on feedback from more than 1,800 fleet professionals and covered macro-economic challenges, planned investments and how telematics users are using the technology.

The collation of the data at the end of 2022 consisted of responses from fleet managers that use telematics, and those that were yet to begin their telematics journey. Responses came from the United Kingdom as well as the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico.

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