There is no mistaking a Truckworks Crash Repair vehicle

Deep purple paint, bright green lettering and an abundance of chrome are all part of the service for this South Australian tow truck company

Truckwork’s tow trucks are hard to miss, with deep purple paint and bright green lettering across them they catch the eye of anyone who might happen to see them towing heavy vehicles in Adelaide or showing off their fleet of Kenworth trucks at a truck show. 

Truckworks is an Adelaide-based tow, repair and vehicle recovery company that has been operating since the 1990s when the founders Lyndon and Sharon Reynolds moved across the Bass strait from their native Tasmania. 

The couple had experience operating a similar business that focused on logging trucks and decided to make the move after spying a gap in the South Australian market for a business that focused on heavy vehicle recovery. Operations manager Gordon Smith says it has been Lyndon’s hard work since then that has earned the company the reputation and staff loyalty it enjoys today. 

“The staff have full confidence in Lyndon,” says Smith.   

“It’s all class, if he sees something that’s not done properly, he’ll see that it’s done again” 

Truckworks main business is recovering accident-stricken vehicles in South Australia. Working closely with insurance companies Truckworks can tow a vehicle to the nearest mechanic or back to their workshop where they are able to make the necessary repairs and restorations themselves. 


They can right toppled vehicles and if they’re seriously damaged dispatched a recovery crew to the accident site. 

Truckworks prides itself in being able to handle all the jobs associated with towing and recovery. Truckworks can handle the whole process from recovery at the site to repair and restoration back at their workshop, including painting. Truckworks maintains two painting ovens, one 12 metres and the other 19 metres in size, allowing them to undertake custom paint jobs for any sized vehicle. 

“We’re a one-stop-towing-shop,” says Smith. 

Certainly the custom paint job particularly is a real point of difference for the towing company. Some of the works they have completed include a giant green Hulk painted smashing through the side of a truck, classic hot-rod flame patterns and a marvel superheroes designed truck. 

Truckworks also handles sales of Peterbilt trucks that they import from the US. 

Truckworks says it imports quality Peterbilt trucks from America and use some of the industry’s most trusted brands in modifications to create reliable, tough vehicles its customers can depend on. It says its vehicles are customised and engineered for Australian conditions and completely ADR compliant. 


Truckworks only recovers damaged vehicles in South Australia and the Northern Territory, but they can tow vehicles anywhere in the country. Smith says they have been out on jobs as far as Katherine in the Northern Territory, around 3,000 kilometres away. 

“We’ve been to every major capital city, if not further,” says Smith. 

Towing and recovery for insurance companies make up 90 per cent of what Truckworks do as well as restorations. They will also occasionally take on private restoration projects. 

Smith says occasionally they get to see some beautiful vintage trucks come through for restoration that are a real joy to clean up. 

The Truckworks factory has the tools to conduct rust removal work and smooth out dents and bumps. Truckworks says after such work its dedicated paint and refinishing team gets its customers vehicle looking better than new with a new coat of paint or custom paint job. 

Their fleet of capable vehicles helps them to accomplish any towing job they come up against. The vehicles include a 35-tonne capable Century 7035 recovery unit to a staggering Peterbilt Rotator, which can turn a complete 360 degrees and lift vehicles of up to 75 tonnes. 


Smith says Truckworks strives to be the best towing operator in the state. To do this they ensure they never accept sub-par quality and if any of their services are deemed not good enough, they will gladly re-do them. 

“We’re a bit of a show off but we back ourselves up with guarantees,” says Smith. 

“It’s a competitive industry and there are other companies out there that take just as much pride in their work as we do in ours” 

In terms of the future, Smith says they already have their hands full in SA most of the time and don’t have plans to expand nationally. However, they do intend to keep doing what they’re doing in South Australia for some time to come yet. Which means delivering high quality towing and repair services and never settling for second best, ever.

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