Thousands of farmers and truckies protest live sheep export ban

A convoy of more than 1000 trucks and farming vehicles drove through Perth on Friday as part of the ongoing Keep the Sheep campaign to protest the announced closure of the living sheep export industry.

The Keep the Sheep campaign started after the federal government announced it plans to end live sheep exports from 2028 onwards, with numerous livestock and export associations fighting the decision.

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As part of the Export Control Amendment (Ending Live Sheep Exports by Sea) act, which was introduced to the federal parliament’s House of Representatives this week, the industry would be cut out by 2028.

The plan announced by federal agriculture minister Murray Watt is to begin a four-year exit strategy from the industry, with a total phase out to occur by May 1, 2028.

Opposition members around Australia have responded, with WA Opposition leader Shane Love calling it a “very black day for WA” and federal Opposition leader Peter Dutton saying he’ll reinstate the industry if the Coalition is elected into government.

The head of the WA Livestock Exporters Association John Cunnington told ABC News that the industry would continue fighting the decision.

“This is a direct attack on WA producers and I find it quite disgusting to be playing with people’s livelihoods in the way they are,” he told ABC News.

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