Top 5 best FREE Truckie apps for iPhone

Are you a truckie with a smartphone? Here are the best apps around that will help you save money on fuel, spend less time in traffic, and give support if you find yourself in an accident. Just remember not to use them whilst driving.

5. Fuel

Fuel Watch is a great, no-frills app that allows you to search
for all local petrol stations and their prices. Unfortunately,
this, and most other apps that display fuel prices, are only usable
in Western Australia. Another option for those that don’t work in
WA is to download apps from individual fuel providers. Woolworths
and United both provide apps that allow you to get up-to-date fuel
prices, though there is no way to easily compare between competing
companies. Use this app if you can, it could save you hundreds over
the course of a year.  

Truckie’s Mate

Truckie’s Mate is a ‘jack of all trades’ app developed by
Western Star. The key feature it provides is giving assistance in
the case of a crash or a break-down. The app will record the time
of the crash and show all the details that need to be recorded,
including photos and witness contact details. It also allows you to
search for nearby truck stops, a godsend when exploring new
territory. Amongst other things, it lets you read up on fatigue
laws, emergency numbers in the case of spills, as well as the
number to call for Western-Star roadside assistance. This is a good
app to have for peace of mind, but the more specialised apps are
better for finding places to fill your tank.

Urban spoon

Can’t decide what to eat? Open up this app, give it a shake, and
out pops a suggestion. This app uses GPS data to find somewhere
close, as well as giving you reviews and price ranges for each
restaurant. It works well, and does what it says on the tin.

Snarl Traffic

Snarl Traffic is a fantastic app that gives real-time
information on traffic accidents, letting you know which roads to
avoid. It even allows you to see for yourself how the traffic looks
by tapping on one of the various webcam icons available.
Unfortunately it is only usable in New South Wales, Victoria, and
Queensland, but is well worth a try even for non-truckies if you
are in the right area.

Google Maps

Compared to Apple Maps, the default map program, Google Maps is
faster, more accurate, and simply better in every way. Even if you
already have a GPS, chances are good that Google Maps is better at
locating truck stops or other facilities. There is no real reason
to not upgrade.


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