Top Five Isuzu Trucks From The Last Decade

Which tested Isuzu is our favourite from the last 10 years? We take a look back.


Spotting an Isuzu truck in one of Australia’s urban centres is no hard task.

The Japanese brand has vehicles in the light-, medium-, and heavy-duty brackets and has led the local market for 26 years.

In December 2014, research even suggested one in every four new trucks sold down under held the Isuzu badge.

So, what has made them so popular in Australia? We are taking a look back over the last 10 years to pick the top five models tested by our team and find out.

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5. FVY1400 Agitator

Isuzu -fvy 1400-agitator -review -truck -atn 3_600x 402 

The FVY1400 makes a good walk up start as an agitator.

The well-equipped easy to get in and out of, no nonsense cab is well placed for agitator duties, comfortable but easily cleaned with plenty of room for the gear a driver will need for a day’s work.

It’s the kind of truck you can just hose off at the end of the day and walk away from without your ears ringing or your back aching.

As an entry level agitator the FVY1400 proves to be every bit as bullet-proof as most have come to expect from the Isuzu brand name.

Watch the full review here. 

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4. FRR600

Isuzu -truck -frr -600-review -atn3


Launched back in 2010, the FRR600 is a great little truck for running around town, with great visibility, manoeuvrability, and enough grunt to get out of its own way.

The cab has ample storage spaces, plenty of grab handles, and low enough to make it easy to jump in and out of.

The FRR600 has a 7.8-litre engine, which pumps out 235hp and works well with the AMT.

However, issues with the exhaust brake and ground clearance hamper its position in the top five.

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3. NPR200 Tradepack

Isuzu -npr 200-tradepack -truck -review -atn4


Our drive in the Tradepack proved it was more than up to the task of dragging a heavy load as well as carrying one, and for the average tradie who’s working in the ’burbs, the NPR does tick a lot of boxes.

Filling a need in the 3,500kg tow capacity market, the NPR200 offers 114kW (153hp) of power from its 5.2-litre engine.

However, issues with ride quality brought the NPR200 Tradepack back to number three.

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2. NPR 65-190

Isuzu -n -series -npr -65-190-truck -review -atn7


A new arrival to Australian shores, the new Isuzu N series light-duty trucks boast more safety features, more power and torque, improved cabins and a new look.

Coming in at number two in our countdown, the new NPR 65-190 showed off its increased power during our review, with the 5.2-litre, 4 cylinder 4HK1-TCC engine hauling the truck quickly off the mark.

Backing up its engine, the NPR 65-190 features a simple, easy to read dash layout; excellent turning circle; great vision; and remarkably little road noise.

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1. FYJ Agitator

Isuzu ,-2000

Part of the FY Series, our top Isuzu truck is the winner of the Truck of the Show gong at Melbourne’s International Truck Trailer & Equipment Show in 2014.

Launched with twin-steer in 2013, Isuzu’s FYJ 2000 8×4 features a 9.8-litre, 350hp (257kW) engine, and a heap of vocational potential.

While the cab requires a little effort to climb into, the load sharing twin-steer axle suspension has a very nice balance between ride and handling.

Plus the shorter wheelbase of the lightened model makes for quite a manoeuvrable platform.

While it has a few extras, such as the DAVE system, a rear camera, and a blind spot camera, the Isuzu FYJ is a simple yet tough offering, and a worthy winner of our top five.

Watch the full review here. 

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