Top Five Iveco Trucks From the Last Decade

We trawled back through the last ten years and have counted down our five top Iveco trucks. Which came in at number one?


Hearing the Iveco brand name may not spark the same big banger images in your head as a Kenworth or Mack but over the past 100 plus years the Australian truck stops, rural highways, and urban roads have been traversed by a diverse range of Iveco models.

From picking up your rubbish before you raise your head from the pillow to delivering your fruit and vegetables to your local supermarket, the locally-built Iveco range has been as accountable as it is flexible.

Commonly seen with in an agitator combination these days, the ACCO brand is synonymous of that.

With such a diverse range, our experienced team have spent many hours behind the wheel of Iveco’s range of vehicles and put many of their thoughts to paper.

As we continue to find our top five trucks from the industry’s most iconic brands, we have looked back at the Iveco reviews submitted by our team and picked the vehicles that withstand the scrutiny of hindsight and display longevity.


5. Iveco ACCO 8X4

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Love it or hate it, the ACCO has left an indelible mark on Australian trucking. 

Almost everyone who hears about the venerable Australian Constructed Cab Over (ACCO) simultaneously smiles and shudders when the subject is brought up.

And while it has been mostly tasked with vocational duties these days, there wouldn’t be another truck on the Australian market that has managed to move with the times and reinvent itself as much as the ACCO.

It’s 40-year history and versatility make this truck a worthy top five member.

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4. Iveco Stralis Hi-Way Euro 6 4X2

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The Iveco Stralis was unveiled at the 2012 Hanover International Motor Show for Commercial Vehicles (IAA) in Germany. And it quickly went on to be voted 2013 European Truck of the Year by a bunch of journos on the continent.

That win was largely due to Iveco’s ability to meet the new Euro 6 emissions standards by using selective catalytic reduction (SCR) only.

Thanks to its telematics gear and a little glimpse at what was to come for the Australian market, the Iveco Stralis H-Way grabbed fourth spot on our list.

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3. Iveco Stralis AS-L Series II

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The most recent of our reviews – taking place in the first half of this year – the Iveco Stralis AS-L Series II is a truck competing in a congested field of high class European Cab-overs.

Shipping in a huge range of options, the Iveco can be purchased in 13 main models and tasked with single trailer and B-double work and hook-lift, tanker, and general haulage applications.

Seen as a worthy contender with plenty of positives, the Stralis AS-L makes the podium in this countdown.

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2. Iveco Powerstar 6400

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Hindered by its image and perception, the Iveco Powerstar 6400 is a better truck than many have given it credit for.

Dorky styling inside and out aside, the Powerstar is a functional truck with ease of use and productivity gains aplenty.

Powered by a proven Cursor engine and boasting decent fuel economy, the truck operates quietly and heads through the gears with a perky attitude.

Steering and visibility are also excellent.

With a tainted reputation the Powerstar couldn’t have come in first place but sits comfortably with a silver medal.

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1. Iveco Daily 4X4

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The best Iveco truck we have put to the test over the past decade is the Iveco Daily 4X4.

This is a purpose-built off-roader that’s available in single cab and crew cab configurations. The latter has the added benefit of seating seven people, including the driver.

With a GVM of just 4,495kg it just sneaks into car licence territory, however it’s worth pointing out this thing is more truck than ute in terms of driving dynamics.

A payload of 1,750kg that can be bumped up to 2,455kg gives it plenty of flexibility in that department and so does its braked towing of 3,500kg.

The Iveco sits up on off-road rubber some 2,630mm high, which also means the tray is a fair way off the deck. Wading depth is 600mm, which can be taken out to 800mm by opting for the vertical exhaust and a snorkel.

With the Iveco Daily 4×4 crew-cab priced at $90,000 RRP and single-cab ringing off at $80,000 it is a lot of off-road kit for the money.

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Find an Iveco Daily on sale here.


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