Top of the line Actros trucks join the Hannah’s Haulage fleet

The distinctive yellow and white livery of Hannah's Haulage in Sydney will be shining on two new Mercedes-Benz Trucks Actros models this month

The family freight operation says it had a positive experience running a 13-litre 530hp Actros and decided to source two top-of-the-line 16-litre 2663s through Joanne Eisel at Daimler Trucks Huntingwood. 

Hannah’s Haulage Director, Scott Hannah, says the 530hp Actros was doing well across several roles including a run to Maitland as a B-Double.

“The 530 has been really good on fuel. As a double, it was doing the same job as a 600hp truck (from a rival brand) between Sydney and Brisbane and was clearly better on fuel,” says Hannah. 

“Running as a single, the fuel economy was just exceptional” 

As Hannah explains, he didn’t hesitate when the Daimler Trucks Huntingwood team mentioned it had two 630hp Actros trucks available.   

“The warranty on them is excellent and the servicing is pretty good too. With that, and a competitive price along with my experience with the 530, it was a pretty easy decision to make,” says Hannah.

The two new Actros 2663s have been put to work running as B-doubles for now, transporting aluminium material for cans to a softdrink producer in Melbourne before carrying a load of full softdrinks cans on the return journey. Soon, the trucks will run as A-Doubles to boost productivity.

Hannah says the early signs were good and the 2663s were also getting excellent fuel economy.

Soon after delivery, Hannah took one of the new Mercedes-Benz trucks down to Melbourne to pick up a new trailer set. 

“I took one for its first run down to Melbourne to pick up a trailer and it was really impressive. I’m not alone there, the guys who drive them just absolutely love them,” says Hannah.

“The quality of the interior and the ergonomics are excellent. The performance is really great as well”

The two new Mercedes-Benz trucks feature the new Hannah Haulage paint scheme, with brilliant yellow plus black and red highlights that ensure the combinations stand out on the road.

“The yellow is not just the company colour, but also perfect for safety,” says Hannah. 

“The stripe on the truck and the trailers really stands out, even in adverse weather. You also notice it, but it is not in your face or over the top”

Also boosting safety levels are the standard active safety features that have long been at the core of the Actros model says Mercedes-Benz. All Actros models come with the fifth generation radar/camera Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS) called Active Brake Assist, which can now automatically perform full emergency braking for vehicles and pedestrians. 

Mercedes-Benz says all Actros models also come standard with Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) and Attention Assist (AA). 


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