Trophy-winning Kenworth T909 is owners “addiction”

Kenworth T909

What’s better than enjoying the sunshine and community at a truck show?

Taking home a trophy.

Nick Sheedy’s 2018 Kenworth T909 tipper has been snagging trophies left right and centre recently, to no-one’s surprise.

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Part of Evans Earthmoving’s fleet, the impressive rig is Nick’s pride and joy.

“It’s my baby, my obsession, my addiction I suppose you’d call it,” Nick laughs.

“I spend more time in that thing than I do at home mowing the lawn, let’s put it that way.”

Purchased brand new in 2018, Nick says he was itching to get his hands on it.

“Santa was a little bit late for Christmas in 2018, we got it on the 28th of December.”

“We got to go down and see it come off the line in the Bayswater factory in Melbourne. It had all the bells and whistles.”

The truck tows a matching four-axle Hercules Quad Dog trailer, primarily carting road making material up in the bush.

“It usually carts stuff out of the local quarries around the Colac area and up into the Otways.”

Needing something extra to help it out in the tough terrain, Nick added a tyre inflation system to the rig.

“Some of the places can be either really wet and boggy, or really dry and sandy.

“I can just press a button in the cab and I can deflate the tires right down so they’re nearly flat, and it helps me get in and out easily.”

Apart from the necessary modifications, Nick has also spent a fair share doing up the exterior.

“We obviously had all the decals put on the side. We had the stainless sun visor put on it and got the fuel tanks stainless steel wrapped.”

“The exhaust stacks aren’t factory; we had the bigger exhaust put on it.

 “We also chucked on the bigger bumper bar, aftermarket bumper bar on it.”

The impressive Kenworth T909 has garnered attention everywhere it goes, recently taking home Best Tipper at the Colac Truck & Ute Show.

“We even won three awards at Koroit, two victories and a runner-up.

“It’s just crazy. The whole family gets involved, we love heading out to the shows, it’s a family affair.

“The kids will travel around to the truck shows and sometimes they go without me. They don’t even worry about waiting for dad,” he chuckles.

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