Troublesome tyres cost companies cash

Michelin manager highlights drawbacks of failing to have maintenance program


With 30 percent of fuel usage linked to tyres, maintaining them is crucial to any business, tyre manufacturer Michelin Australia says.

The main cause for truck roadside breakdowns is tyres, which contribute to a 13 per cent reduction in mileage, sales manager Shane Chadderton says.

Running on underinflated tyres can lead to hefty costs and has an impact on safety and fuel economy, he adds.

“A tyre maintenance program is very important and will protect your people’s health and safety, improve your tyre’s mileage performance and decrease your fuel consumption rate,” Chadderton says.

“Tyre imbalance generates a significant force on each rotation which leads to vertical forces on the tyre effecting driver comfort and wear.

“The most critical factor in tyre maintenance is correct inflation.

“No tyre is completely impervious to loss of air pressure- lost air must be replaced.”




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