Mack’s ‘big bruiser’ powers ahead

Mack’s big bruiser Titan and Superliner prime movers have seen a surge in popularity since the introduction of the 16-litre MP10 engine just over 18 months ago.

Mack’s ‘big bruiser’ powers ahead
Mack MP10 Superliner

The MP10 engine is available in two power ratings - 600 and 685hp - and in the Titan in particular has seen GVMs of more than 250 ton.

With such a heavy spec on offer it’s no surprise that Mack’s heavy hitters haven’t had a lot of eastern seaboard exposure.

The popularity of the Bulldog brand in mining and heavy haulage has meant that many of these vehicles are operating out in the back of beyond rather than sharing a highway near you.

I recently had a chance to take an MP10 equipped Mack Superliner demonstrator for a two-day interstate trip hauling a load of fresh produce for Werribee South-based transport company, Damorange Refrigerated Transport (DRT). My journey took me from Werribee in Victoria to the Central Coast of NSW via the town of Maroopna in Victoria’s Goulburn Valley.

This Superliner was fitted with a slimline 33-inch sleeper to accommodate B-double duties while under the bonnet the 16-litre engine was rated at 600hp and put out 2,065lb/ft of torque. Power travelled to the back wheels via a 12-speed m-drive Automated Manual Transmission (AMT).

Even though I was hauling only one trailer on this trip the Superliner exhibited fantastic handling on both the highway and on country roads.

The Superliner features flared chassis rails that enable the large power plant to sit closer to the road and lower the centre of gravity of the prime mover.

The modest load meant that the MP10 hardly raised a sweat on the trip to Wyong on the NSW Central Coast.

Bedding down in the relatively small sleeper was a surprisingly comfortable affair, aided by the inner-spring mattress.

In the spec that I drove it in the Superliner MP10 is a walk up start for heavy B-double duties that run out of weight before they run out of room. This makes the 600hp Superliner a good fit for B-double tankers, tippers and livestock where the predictable handling and road manners of the bulldog both on and off the road really come into play.

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