Used Truck: Shane's 1981 Kenworth K125

By: Michael Cahill

If Shane’s 1981 Kenworth K125 could talk, it’d have some stories to tell.

It’s one of those trucks that people recognise on the highway because they remember driving it back in the day, says Shane. The 1981 truck has changed hands a fair few times, but since it came into Shane's possession it has been doing runs from Melbourne to Sydney a few times a week.

Shane bought the Kenworth from a seller in Shepparton around three years ago, and it had been running up and down the highway for years at that point. 

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The K125 is a "Good, honest truck" that just keeps on running. As well as a complete engine rebuild at 180,000kms, the truck has seen some after-market modifications in the form of a red dot air-conditioner and various horns and bits of chrome. 

So what was the impetus to sell? "You’ve just gotta update," says Shane, who has his sights set on a newer K108.

This hardworking prime-mover is being sold with a tautliner trailer for $44,000, check out the full ad here.

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