Used Truck: Lachlan’s International S-Line 3700

By: Michael Cahill

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Lachlan Dalton’s 1997 model International S-Line may be a very different truck compared to the one that came out of the factory, but it's just as sturdy as ever.

The S Line has seemingly had every single component replaced at one point or another.

"If it hasn’t been rebuilt, it has been replaced," says Dalton.

Seven years ago Lachlan bought the twin-steer S-Line from a guy out in Newcastle who himself had owned it for about seven years previous. Since then the truck has undergone an engine rebuild, and has had its radiator recored. The S-Line has also had a chassis extension done courtesy of Nixons Wagga.

A few years ago both the gearbox and clutch were also getting a bit sloppy, so he had them replaced too. It now has a 13 speed Roadranger transmission. He has even had new seats fitted, just for good measure.

International -S-Line

Lachlan had another International truck before owning the S-Line, a flat-bonneted International 2670. What drew him to the S-Line was the fact that it had the right motor for the job – a 470hp CAT.

Though it’s the kind of truck you can’t get new anymore as they stopped making them in the late 90’s, Lachlan says that it is still easy to get parts for.

Lachlan says that it is a good, solid truck that has served him well over the years. However, Lachlan is ready to sell so that he can focus more on other parts of the business. 

Check out the ad for Lachlan’s International S Line 3700 here. 

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