Used Truck: Bevan's 1962 Mack H67

By: Michael Cahill

Bevan’s 1962 Mack H67 is a one-of-a-kind classic.

Used Truck: Bevan's 1962 Mack H67
Bevan Fleming in front of his Mack H67

Just 550 H67 Mack trucks were manufactured, and just two these found their way into Australia. One of these was unfortunately written off in an accident, whilst Bevan’s H model was given a left hand drive conversion.

This means that Bevan’s H67 is the only one in Australia, and the only right hand drive version in the world.  Any way you slice it, Bevan’s H67 Mack is a very unique truck, and he’s finally selling it after owning it for about 30 years.

The H model Mack’s History

The Mack H67 was known as the Cherry Picker because of its unusually high cab, which reached 2.7m. The shape of the cab really separates the H model from the popular Mack B model series, which was also originally introduced in 1953.

Under the hood of the H67 is a 210hp (157kW) turbocharged ENDT-673 Mack Thermodyne engine and a Quadruplex 18 speed gearbox.  Bevan says that it’s quite a complicated truck to extract power from and drive, even if you don’t account for the lack of other modern luxuries like power steering.

Eventually, design cues from the Mack H67 were brought into its descendant, the Mack Superliner.

Bevan’s truck was finally retired from real work in 1981, where it underwent a meticulous restoration. After 15 years of working solid, the truck was retired and eventually put on display at the Queensland Transport Museum in Gatton.

Mack H67 black and white photo

Hitchhiking in the H model Mack

Bevan recalls picking up the truck for the first time in Sydney back in 1966. He was pulling up at Parramatta Road service station on the way home when a "rough-looking bloke" asked for a lift to Brisbane.

Bevan agreed to help out the hitchhiker in a move he says he probably wouldn’t consider today, but one that didn’t matter so much back in the day.

They stopped at Tamworth for the night, and Bevan offered up the sleeper cab to the hitchhiker as Bevan was going to stay at the Motel.

Mack H67 photo

Later on Bevan asked the hitchhiker what his plan for the future was. The hitchhiker says that he used drive a grader, and so Bevan gave him a few phone numbers of people who might be able to help him out with a job.

The hitchhiker was grateful for the help, but noted that he had been out of work for quite a while. It was only then that the nature of the traveler's circumstances became clear. 

 "I haven’t driven one for three years - the day you picked me up was the day I got out of the Silverwater jail," the hitchhiker says.

With stories like these, it’s perhaps unsurprising that attitudes towards hitchhikers have changed radically over the years. However, Bevan points out that despite his history, the hitchhiking gentleman was perfectly amicable.

Mack H67 newer photo

Bevan says that the H67 still runs fine today, and that each year he drives it out of the museum to take part in the annual Gatton Historic Truck, Tractor and Machinery Show.

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