Used Truck: Reg's Kenworth K104B

By: Michael Cahill

2007 Kenworth K104B 2007 Kenworth K104B
2007 Kenworth K104B 2 2007 Kenworth K104B 2
2007 Kenworth K104B 3 2007 Kenworth K104B 3
2007 Kenworth K104B 4 2007 Kenworth K104B 4

Reg has owned a long line of Kenworths, and he's looking to make it even longer.

Reg Brown is aiming to sell his K104B right here on Trade Trucks in order to upgrade to a newer model Kenworth. As many owners will attest to, brand loyalty is not without its advantages. There is a lot to be said for being intimately familiar with one make of truck.

"We’ve had a lot of Kenworths, we’ve always stuck with them," Brown says.

Reg says that he mainly likes to stick with Kenworth trucks because of their reliability and ability to retain resale value. Reg bought this 2007 model Kenworth K104B in Brisbane while it was brand new.

The Kenworth K104B is equipped with a 600hp (450kW) Cummins engine, which gives it plenty of power for the interstate B-double work that Reg used it for.

The K104B was part of a small fleet of around 20 trucks, and has been hauling mostly produce for the duration of its life.

"Citrus is our main game," Brown adds.

Reg says that the truck is in good mechanical order, and that it has never been involved in any accidents. Reg also says that the engine underwent a rebuild "400,000 kms ago."

Reg’s reason for selling is that he is looking to upgrade to "new, more modern equipment with the E5."

You can read more details and enquire about Reg’s Kenworth by checking out his listing here.

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