Truckies are saving money with Aerox tyre inflator

The Halo Tyre Inflator is a self-powered automated tyre inflation system that’s saving truckies money on fuel, reducing tyre-related downtime and improving safety along the way.

With fuel prices skyrocketing, truckies across Australia are looking for ways to save money long-term – and one place to start is your tyres.

Tyres that aren’t up to scratch can end up costing you a lot of cash, whether they are adding to your fuel consumption or needing maintenance/replacement and causing delays. 

Aerox, a company based in Melbourne, has teamed up with Aperia Technologies in the US to bring a game-changing product to the Australian market – automated tyre inflators. 

The Halo Tire Inflator is a self-powered automatic tyre inflation system for tractor drive tyres and trailers that uses a wheel’s rotation to maintain optimal tyre pressure. 

Aerox Director Chad Chahal says the unit could save you up to 3 per cent  on fuel per year. 

“Most people who know their tyres, they know that when you maintain good pressure on your tyres, you maintain fuel economy because your rolling resistance is reduced. 

“We’ve had the Halo unit independently tested in the US and we have been able to achieve between 1 and 3 per cent in fuel savings.”

Other benefits of automated tyre inflation include preventative maintenance and less downtime, longer tyre life, and reduced risk of blowout and other tyre-related safety incidents.

“With the inflator, you have that peace of mind that your tyre pressures are maintained. You won’t need to have someone physically go and inflate the tyres. 

“And that’s just the hardware – there’s also a software element. We have RFID sensors attached to each valve, and that connects to our innovative Connect Box that’s in the cabin. 

“That sends the information up into the cloud, so your driver, through a phone app, and your maintenance manager, through a desktop, has full visibility of the tyre pressures for the truck and trailer. 

“The system is able to detect whether a leak is critical, major or minor. Each one of those categories will give you a recommendation of when to replace or check the tyre.” 

He adds: “Just from maintaining good tyre pressure, you improve the tread wear by 20 per cent.  But most importantly, when you maintain tyre pressure, you reduce tyre wall fatigue. And that is the primary cause of blowouts for tyres.” 

The inflator has a “smart regulator” that ensures it will only pump air when the tyre pressure is below the target pressure setting, so it will never accidentally over-inflate a tyre. 

“If the target pressure is 100 psi and the tire’s cold inflation pressure is 97 psi, the Halo will add air until the pressure is 100 psi and then the regulator will turn the pump off.”

The Halo is compatible with the majority of class 7 and 8 truck and trailers, box trucks, buses, and refuse vehicles.

An experienced tech, who has installed 1 or 2 Halos before, can outfit an entire truck or trailer in 20-30 minutes. 

“You bolt the Halo on to the wheel end by the hub attachment bolts. It’s very easy to install. There’s only four parts – the bracket, the Halo, and two hoses. That’s it.” 

The product has been used in the US over the last six years, with early adaptors including major companies such as UPS and Amazon.  

“It’s a trialed and tested product,” he adds.

“It’s been tested in hot temperatures in Arizona, and Arizona dust is very similar to our notorious Australian bull dust. 

“It’s also been tested in extremely cold temperatures in Montana and even driving a little bit under water.

“It’s on 20,000 trucks plus a large number of trailers in the US. It’s had amazing reviews and interest is growing.”

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