Turfco adds Isuzu FYJ to the fleet

Turfco welcomes its fifth Isuzu
Turfco general manager

Based about two hours south of Sydney in the town of Berry, Turfco harvest premium turf and deliver it across the Illawarra, South Coast, and Southern Highlands areas of New South Wales.  

With the unpredictable nature of the weather and moisture levels, hauling turf can be increasingly difficult as the weight of the product is never finite.  

“In favourable weather, a pallet of turf can weigh around 600 kg but in wet weather, which has been pretty prevalent the last few years, it can get up to 1.8-tonnes,” says Turfco’s general manager Marcus Rogers.   

Rogers decided the fleet could use the help of a new vehicle that had payload capacity to handle the rainy season and ease the burden of unpredictable weather for the business.  

Settling on a brand-new Isuzu FYJ 300-350 Auto twin-steer truck, it was specifically chosen for its weight bearing and load sharing advantages, with four axles providing the advantage of more flexible weight distribution and stability than smaller trucks in their existing fleet.   

Turfco has been using a variety of Isuzu Trucks product for decades, first starting the fleet with second-hand Isuzu SBRs before buying their first brand new truck in 2002.   

The fleet has since expanded to five trucks, all purchased from their local Isuzu dealership, whom they’ve done business since the late 90s.   

Featuring a GVM of 30,000 kg and a hefty GCM of 45,000 kg, the FYJ 300-350 8×4 can carry huge quantities of turf or anything else that needs transporting. 

With bigger payloads meaning fewer trips, the Turfco staff are delighted to have their new Isuzu truck making things move more quickly, increasing their overall efficiency.   

“With our new twin steer FYJ, we can get more grass on the back than ever before,” says Rogers. 

“This means fewer trips and a shorter workday for everyone, which makes life a lot easier!”  




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