Used Truck: Jon’s 1996 Peterbilt 379

Few trucks can turn heads like a Peterbilt, as John found out when he bought this one almost four years ago, but that doesn’t mean that they're just for show.

What attracted John to the Peterbilt was not just the prestige brand, but also issues of practicality. The low tare weight of Peterbilt 379 was the real draw.

Having run a Kenworth previously, the opportunity to grab a Peterbilt was too much to pass up.

The Peterbilt was originally built in the US back in 1996, but it was eventually imported to Australia and registered in 1998. This of course means that the truck had to undergo a conversion process to change from a left hand drive to a right hand drive.

Since then the truck has changed hands a few times until John got a hold of it in 2010. From there, the Peterbilt has mostly been hauling steel from Sydney to Newcastle.

Just over three years ago, John had the engine undergo a complete rebuild by CAT, and more recently he had the 10-speed gearbox replaced with an 18-speed Road Ranger.

John says that the reason for selling is not because there is anything wrong with the truck, but that he has simply “been in the game long enough,” and  is ready to move on to other things.

John is located in Orbost, Victoria, and is selling the Peterbilt for $88,000.  For more details on how to buy this Peterbilt 379, check out his ad here.

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