Used Truck: Troy’s Mack Titan

Porters Mt Isa driver Troy Baillie recently reacquainted himself with an old favourite – a 2000 model Titan

Troy Baillie has many memories of trucking, and most involve Macks. He’s driven from Brisbane to Darwin many times, and recalls the days when the trip took more than four days.

“I remember running up here back in 1990, driving an old Value-Liner with 350hp up front,” Troy says.

Nowadays Troy drives a Mack Titan for Porter’s Mt Isa Carriers which, despite the name, is based in the Queensland town of Pittsworth.

The Titan has a few more creature comforts than that Value-Liner. The 62-inch bunk is fitted out with a DVD player, fridges and more. It’s a home away from home.

“The trucks got everything, it’s a lot different from the old days. But to do the hours and cover the ground, you need a good night’s sleep.”

Troy drove the Titan for eight years, before hopping into his own truck, a 1994 CLR Mack. He’s been back behind the wheel of the Titan for nine months. “Me and this old girl go right back,” he says.

The Titan is a 2000 model and is now on its third motor, a Cummins Signature, which is still under warranty.

Unfortunately, the reason that Troy is back driving for Porter’s is that his own Mack blew up.

Troy is sure if or when he’ll return to ranks of the owner-drivers. He’s quite happy driving the Mack Titan.

“In all honesty, working for a good company, there is less stress being a driver,” Troy says.

“You’re not chasing loads or money. I love the work but don’t need the headaches.”

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Photography: Peter Schlenk

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