Volatile conditions deliver hit to Volvo sales

Sales figures released by Volvo Trucks have provided an interesting snapshot of the volatility of both the health of the global economy as well as the current global truck market.

Economic uncertainty in Europe has seen a 9 percent slide in truck deliveries for Volvo since the start of 2012.

Volvo’s year to date sales in Western Europe slumped by 16 percent but the overall slide was halted by growth in the Eastern European truck market driven mainly by Russia.

A further slowdown in the North American market also saw sales drop by 32 percent as market demand waned.

Latin America has also seen a drop of 13 percent, although this has been attributed to the introduction of Euro 5 emissions laws at the start of this year.
The new regulations saw a flurry of sales of Euro 4 trucks in the 12 months leading up to the new regulations.

As construction projects in China declined this year so too has the Asian truck market, with Volvo seeing a reduction of 44 percent in truck deliveries compared to this time last year.

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