Volvo boosts safety for cyclists and pedestrians around its trucks

Radars, cameras and high tech software have been combined at Volvo Trucks to find new ways of protecting pedestrians in and around its heavy vehicles

Front Short Range Assist and door opening warnings are just two of the myriad safety features being added to new Volvo Trucks in a bid to boost driver and pedestrian safety.

Volvo Trucks Traffic and Product Safety director Anna Wrige Berling says the company’s long term vision of zero accidents drove innovation in the safety sphere.

The new Front Short Range Assist system uses cameras and radar to detect if a cyclist or pedestrian is in the accident risk area in front of the truck and warns drivers if there’s imminent risk of a collision.

The door opening warning alerts drivers if a pedestrian, cyclist, or car is approaching the truck from behind, on the same side of the truck where the door is opened.

“We’re constantly developing and introducing additional safety systems that can enhance the driver’s capabilities, helping to protect both them and the people they share the road with,” Wrige Berling says.

“At Volvo Trucks, our long-term vision is zero accidents, and safety is at the core of everything we do.

“With these new systems we take important steps to accomplish these aims.”

Volvo says some of the new features have been developed to meet or exceed – the EU’s updated safety legislation, the General Safety Regulation (GSR), that will come into effect in July 2024.

GSR, which makes several advanced driver support systems mandatory, aims to increase road safety and improve protection of drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. By introducing the legislation, the EU expects to save over 25 000 lives and avoid 140 000 injuries by 2038.

“We are positive towards tougher regulations when it comes to safety, and Volvo Trucks already offers the other systems that will become mandatory in 2024 with GSR,” Wrige Berling says.

Other safety programs already in play at Volvo include:

  • Intelligent Speed Assist – where cameras identify signs and speed limits and display the limits on the instrument panel.
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (included in the GSR) that monitor the tyre pressure on truck and trailer
  • Auto Hold ­– that helps keep the truck stationary until the accelerator is applied, thus reassuring and assisting the driver on slopes and hills.


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