VTG Waste and Recycling want an exclusively Isuzu fleet

The Northern Territory based waste company says Isuzu trucks are the best for handling the harsh conditions
isuzu, VTG waste and recycling

VTG Waste and Recycling (VTG) have welcomed two new Isuzu vehicles to their waste management fleet.

Based in the Northern Territory, VTG provides a wide range of recycling and environmentally conscious solutions to some of the most pressing waste issues.

Understanding recycling and waste can be a tough battle, with many not knowing what to do with waste and where it should go.

VTG offer services from recycling and commercial waste disposal through to handling hazardous waste, construction and manufacturing waste, medical, e-waste and much more.

“When someone’s got a hard problem, we help find a solution,” says VTG Waste & Recycling managing director James Prakash.

Prakash says a huge amount of improperly discarded waste exists simply because people aren’t equipped with the knowledge of what needs to be done.

“A lot of things get put in the too-hard basket, particularly when it comes to environmental solutions,” Prakash says.

“If there’s some sort of contamination, we love to help find the right fix and provide the whole service including collection and disposal.”

Some of VTG’s success can be attributed to their diverse medium-and heavy-duty fleet of Isuzu trucks.

As regular customers at CJD Isuzu in Darwin, VTG were assisted with recent purchases of Isuzu FYJ 300-350 8×4 trucks with Allison auto transmission, and a FVD 165-300 to bolster their transport fleet.

Operating in the changeable extremes of the Northern Territory can prove to be difficult for any vehicle, yet Prakash says Isuzu trucks are up for the challenge.

“We currently have 14 Isuzu trucks and another three on order, so we’ll have 17 by the end of the year,” says Prakash.

“We’re trying to get to the point where we run exclusively Isuzu.

“We find Isuzu is best suited to our environment and needs, particularly the tough conditions of the Top End where we have two seasons, wet and dry, and a whole lot of humidity to consider.

“Some of our other trucks tend to end up with all sorts of issues with sensors in particular, but Isuzu trucks seem to be able to handle it all.

“They’re reliable, easy to use and easy to work on, and you know they just keep going.”

The full fleet line-up is an impressive sight with each truck customised in a one-of-a-kind colour scheme simply known as VTG Green.

With the VTG team having come together from all across the waste industry, Prakash says their goal is to create a community-minded business that treats its staff and clients with respect.

This includes not only disposing of waste in a sustainable and environmentally ethical way but also providing advice and guidance for those struggling to find the right methods and encouraging ways to implement green protocols.

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