Well-maintained ’92 Peterbilt boasts original seats

Blue seems to be the colour of the season, with a plethora of dazzling rigs sporting the electric colourway.

Malcolm Leech’s 1992 Peterbilt VMR is no exception.

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Owning the truck for over 22 years, Malcolm says it used to belong to Freestones Transport.

“It used to be white with red and silver stripes, but I’ve managed to change it around a couple of times now,” he says.

“It’s a funny sort of design now. It’s blue and comes right through the cabin of the sleeper then the top of the sleeper in the cabin goes up on a 45 degree angle in grey.”

Malcolm says he was lucky that the Peterbilt was in fighting shape when he purchased it.

“All we have ever done to it was take the round fuel tanks off and chuck some square fuel tanks on it.”

“We’ve basically only changed the appearance it’s been great.”

The rig even boasts the original seats from over two decades ago, a testament to the care that goes into maintaining it.

“We spend a lot of time and weekends doing maintenance to keep it the way I want it. It’s super important.”

The only massive change is ditching the original Peterbilt engine for a Caterpillar, something that Malcom says is necessary for his trucks.

“I have three Peterbilt’s and they’re all Caterpillars. The whole fleet is Caterpillar. When you find something good you should stick to it,” he says.


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