Western Star Trucks

The USA-based, Daimler-owned truck manufacturer Western Star has built a strong brand since it was introduced to Australia back in 1983.

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Western Star Truck Dealers in Australia

Tradetrucks.com.au has a large number of dealers selling a huge variety of Western Star truck models in Australia. To narrow down the list of Western Star dealers to just those that are near to you, select your state in the bottom left column below. Alternatively, if you’d rather search for dealers selling Western Star parts, use the column on the bottom right.

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Western Star Truck Reviews

Our reviewers have a wide breadth of experience in trucks, engines and machinery, so you can trust our Western Star reviews.

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Used Western Star Trucks

There are heaps of Western Star trucks on the road, so we’ve talked to some of the drivers to get a feel for why they chose that truck, and what life is like as a truckie.

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