White and Western Star to feature at Lockhart Truck Show

The Lockhart Heritage Truck Show is set to make waves in the tiny NSW town this Saturday March 2.

With a population of only 818, organiser Trevor Slater says Lockhart can expect over 100 trucks to march through its streets.

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“I’ve been told through the grapevine that different trucks are coming this year, some that I have never ever even heard of before,” Slater says.

“We had over 100 trucks last year, and we are expecting the same if not more this year.”

What started as a vintage and veteran truck show has slowly opened up to invite trucks of all makes and models.

Image: Lockhart Heritage Truck Show / supplied

“We now have a lot of the real modern trucks showing up, and it’s been great.”

Every year the show picks one type of historical or classic truck and urges owners to bring theirs along.

“This year, we are highlighting White and the early model Western Stars,” Slater says.

“I hope to see a few old Road Bosses turning up.”

Local dealerships that supply said feature trucks have been roped into judging the competitions.

“They will get to pick out which trucks they were very impressed with, and there will be prizes for young, old and modern trucks.”

Switching it up from the classic trophy, the event enjoys giving out practical prizes and trinkets to the winners.

“You could find yourself with a big overnight bag stuffed with coats, hats, coffee mugs, t-shirts and more,” he says.

Image: Lockhart Heritage Truck Show / supplied

Now if you find yourself getting dragged along but aren’t the biggest truck aficionado, there is plenty for the whole family.

The pavilion will play house to a whole range of activities, from sewing to cooking demonstrations.

If you wanted something lively and entertaining, stick around for the country concert after 5:00pm.

“The presentation for the truck show will finish roughly around 3:00pm, and then the concert will begin shortly after.”

“It’s great for people for may not want to see the trucks, but want to have a nice fun night.”

“There will be a barbecue there also, where all proceeds will go towards a mental health programme.”

Image: Lockhart Heritage Truck Show / supplied

This year, the Lockhart Heritage Truck Show have partnered up to raise money for Health in Gear.

Developed by the OzHelp Foundation, in collaboration with truck drivers and the transport community, Health in Gear was created to support the health and wellbeing of transport and logistics workers on the job and at home.

Services include health tips for staying well, roadside health checks, free counselling and 24/7 phone support services, and the Share the Load podcast.

Gates will open for the truck display at 9:00am, with admission $5 for day session, and $10 for the country concert.


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