Zero-emission SEA Electric truck to be used in recycling collaboration

Two Australian leaders in sustainability have partnered to lead the environmental charge
SEA Electric’s zero-emission SEA 85e truck decked out

POLYCOLLECT’S soft plastic recycling service has announced it will now be powered by SEA Electric’s zero-emission SEA 85e trucks.

The collaboration aims to create a “blueprint” for the possibilities in the circular economy.

SEA Electric trucks will be responsible for the pick-up and transportation of soft plastic recyclables, as part of POLYCOLLECT’s soft plastic collection system.

The company guarantees that the commercial quantities of plastic that are collected are fully recycled, which is achieved via a transparent process.

In keeping with their sustainable and conscious methods, the partners will also begin using smart bins, where pick-ups are only allocated once bins have reached full capacity.

These changes will result in lower mileage for the fleet, and ultimately, an improved environmental footprint.

POLYCOLLECT says embracing all-electric logistics “simply makes sense” with the company’s ethos.

They aim to ensure that it is environmentally friendly across all its operations, resulting in a “conscious drive towards sustainability”.

Founded in Melbourne in 2012, SEA Electric deployed its first commercial all-electric vehicles in 2017, with the patented SEA-Drive® power-system finding favour on a global basis for trucks, buses and light commercial vehicles.

The SEA-Drive® system is renowned for its efficiency, reliability, and eco-friendliness.

Four years later, the company commenced the local production of the world’s first true range of all-electric trucks, with the SEA 85e zero-emission model the cornerstone of the offering.

Rated to 8.5 tonnes, the package is specified with a 138kWh battery, which drives a 1,500Nm motor, resulting in a potential range of 300km, making it ideal for the rigours of stop-start urban pick-ups.

POLYCOLLECT says SEA Electric’s Australia-made aspect was a key consideration and selling point throughout the purchasing decision.

The new fleet is based in Mordialloc, Melbourne while POLYCOLLECT is in the process of expanding its footprint across the nation.

“By embracing the sustainable ecosystem, together, POLYCOLLECT and SEA Electric are making a genuine difference,” POLYCOLLECT says.


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